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Newbie Guide

Be sure to access the website on the GUIDEs tab for: FAQ, T4C Fantasy QUESTs, ADD ONs and MAPs.

Read FAQ and T4C Fantasy QUESTS

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This Tutorial will focus on players that are new to the server, not to the game! And to players that read the guides above

PVP drops: 5% equipment - 15% backpack. Range 50. Minimum level for pvp 25.
Whoever wish to play safe mode can request Sysop to turn off pvp. There is a 48 hours minimum for a second change, so be sure to decide properly.


1- Npc teleporters will send you back to the temple. On the 4th island temple you can be sent to the 3rd, on the third to the 2nd, on the second to the 1st. You can travel LH-WH with temple teleporters as well.

2- On the RST spot you will find all the nexus of that island. You can tp to their location by clicking on them and you can tp from any nexus to the RST spot by clicking on the sign next to it.

3- There are many bosses in every island, and they are all listed on the maps. They drop, among other things, an infinite use SCROLL that can be used to tp from any place to the boss respawn spot. These scrolls allows you to skip access quests. Only a few of them will vanish on rebirth (the ones inside oracle realm and the ones from dragons except phoenix dragon)


1- You start as a human but at LH temple you talk to the seraph assistant and turn into a 5x seraph.

2- Once you reach RD and grab a scroll from that island you do not need to make RD access ever again. This is also true for SH and for any other of the 5 add on islands (Avalon-Atlantis-Paradise-Egypt-Oblivion). When you rebirth to 6x you can just click that boss scroll and tp to him at lvl 1. It's infinite so use a lot.

3- The smart way to start is to take your 5x to the 4th island and grab a scroll from a boss there. When you have one you are free to go 6x. This will grant you permanent access to 4th island, it's good xp and it's good merchants.

4- You start as a 5x and the limit is 36x but quests are not the same. From 5x to 10x you must do regular good /evil quest. Of course it is extremely easier because you can tp to many places and every respawn is infested with a hundred monsters. Every item of that quest will drop in an easy way.  From 11x to 36x you will do the add on quest Makrsh's Vengeance, witch requires no item at all.

5- The seraph aura is extremely weak and will do little for high levels and high X. It basically helps low level to xp, nothing more.

6- At 36x you can reroll with the reroll quest, and your HP will get extremely higher (around 10k more). 300 end get around 15,7k and 550 get around 18k HP. Sweeeeet

(3) ADD ons

1- There are several add ons on t4c fantasy. New weapons, armor n spells. Example: ancient azure armor (300 END 100 INT100 WIS), grand bless (2x wis = hp boost), +4 weapons etc...

2- LH tavern basement: lots of chests with newbie stuff.
2.1- Arakas RST spot and WH Stonehenge: bosses Cupid and Honorable Knight drop armor parts n jewels (they give 5ac n 5 resist all)

3-RD snow village (north from mausoleum entrance): search for Santa and say GIFT to get some nice newbie stuff (5 armor parts that give 5 ac 5 resist all). So it is possible to have 60 AC and 60 resist all in Arakas. Just go kill those bosses.

3- SC: kill the guards to get azure armor

4- Crafting system working properly: learn formulas in LH, RD, SH and Atlantis.

5- Starting at 4th island it is possible to find a boss for every elemental school of magic, a boss archer and a boss warrior.

6- New spells at StoneCrest

(4) LUCK

There are 3 items that raise luck in the game and if you have them all you can get to 275 luck.

1- Orbs : craft orbs in the jewerly profession to raise up to 25 pts
2- Robes: craft robes in the tailor profession to raise 50 pts
3- Ring of Lust: obtainable by completing the Rebecca Lust quest, this ring will raise luck by 100 pts. It is also used to activate all gems at once without equipping the items (C.S. jewerly, belt of unstable protection and bracelet of the immortals).